Collaborative adventures with Kaavous Clayton in the field and kitchen. Outputs combine cuisine (Vou) and other topically-applied body condiments (Ju), usually produced as batched editions or shared, convivial  experiences…

This area of interest is a natural point of focus coming out of:

  • Humans having eternally shared the fundamental need to eat and be well.
  • Reliance on the group (or others) to enable sustenance and general care and support.
  • Starter cultures used in ferments are generally sourced from other people in a sharing community.
  • Other ingredients are foraged when in season, rooting people in a specific space, place and time.
  • Many recipes are passed down through extended family and community lines tracing histories and connections.
  • Similarly herbal remedies (balms, teas and tinctures) have traditional roots in herbal lore… understood by folk communities and shared down generations.

All of these things are (physically) disseminated and (practically) discussed through open source networks, locally and internationally. In the ‘life-hack’ era there is a renewed discovery of methods and benefits. Yet there is a secondary level of wellbeing experienced not from ingesting, imbibing or applying these things but in the ‘making’, learning through process (reenacting and experiencing the wonder of ancient alchemical experimentation, then geeking out with other nerds (non-expert connoisseurs?) over ones findings)…. and generally finding some peace in it as well as creating space to bring people together and enable communication and discussion.

Basically Julia is a #sportswearwitch in and Kaavous is a #curlygiant who’s #brilliantatchopping.